There is a revolution underway in understanding how the brain works. Advances in brain imaging are giving us an unprecedented look at what goes on inside our head. Scientific research is revealing, sometimes surprisingly, which therapies really work. And insights from contemplative neuroscience are enriching our models of the mind. Our practice weaves these threads together to provide leading edge care for the mind/brain.


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In the course of exploring where brain activity takes place, we’ve realized that experience changes brain structure. It is in fact continuously adapting – creating new neurons and new pathways in response to change – new experiences. Neuroscientists call the brain’s ability to change in response to experience “plasticity”, or more formally, “neuroplasticity”.

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At the root of all neurological conditions is a mismatch between the best response to a situation and the brain’s ability to produce that response.

Neurofeedback works by interrupting dysfunctional patterns – in effect causing the brain to wake up and get out of a thought-pattern rut.

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