Jon Bakker, ND

Naturopathic Physician

I discovered naturopathic medicine in my undergraduate studies at Metropolitan State University of Denver.  I entered this foray into education uncertain what I wanted to do with my studies but with passions for health habits, public health and healthcare equity.  I stumbled upon a brand-new degree, the 2nd of its kind in all the United States, entitled “Integrative Therapeutic Practices”.  Here I learned in a university setting about homeopathy, botanical pharmacology, nutrition, dream analysis and more.  I also met my very first naturopathic physician who ultimately was the person to encourage me to go into naturopathic medicine. 

I am an electrician and hair stylist’ son.  I am the first generation in my family to attend a 4-year degree granting institution and the thought of being a doctor at that time was so far out of my mind.  In fact I was great with the idea of making a career out of being a server.  As I moved through my college education, no matter how far I wandered I found myself back on the path towards becoming a naturopathic physician.  I feel a true calling for doing this kind of work and having had the privilege to practice it I only find myself invigorated each time I get to meet with a person to discover how naturopathic medicine can serve them. 

In my residency at Nature Cures, a practice at the Seattle Healing Arts Center, I learned how to work in an integrative healthcare setting as a primary care physician.  In school I also discovered a true passion for helping empower people to create the lives the envision using neurofeedback and biofeedback which I continue to use today.  Having been a life-long athlete I have found using physical medicine, both soft tissue manipulation and osteopathic manipulation very helpful to address a person’s physical pain. 

When not at the clinic you can find me running, rock climbing, hiking, or back packing outdoors with my beautiful wife, Margaret, and dashing dog, Roethke. 

Insurances Accepted

United Healthcare
First Choice

Practice Interests

Primary Care
Mental/ Emotional Conditions
Athletic optimization
Digestive Health
Headaches and Migraines

Practice Philosophy

I believe that sustainable changes made to our foundational health habits are the most effective means to improve well-being. When working with people I invest a lot our time into improving sleep, diet, hydration, and nutrition. Every human being is an ecosystem. I believe that if we abide by the laws of our own unique ecosystem that we can move towards living lives that are disease free.