I noticed a difference immediately and with each session I see improvements in my PTSD but I also get added benefits I wasn’t expecting. I sleep better, my memory has improved and I’m more focused.

K.A., Specialist US Army

Powerful, effective and liberating –the quickest, easiest and most profound process for healthy mind/body balance, emotional resilience, and spiritual renewal which I have been privileged to experience.

D.K., Attorney

Finally, the permanent answer to lifelong, multigenerational insomnia, as well as feeling markedly less emotionally reactive.

K.D., Physician

I started the treatment in the hope of improving my sleep. After each session I feel relaxed and at peace. I have noticed less tension, more calm during the day and an increase in the number of hours I remain asleep each night, as well as a stronger ability to focus during the day.

G.E., Ph. D.